Bizzell Memorial Library


The Bizzell Memorial Library is something that I look at everyday when I am on campus.  I have always thought that it was beautiful both inside and out.   It wasn’t until my official tour of The University of Oklahoma that I actually went inside the library.  When I first walked in I instantly felt like I belonged.  It just gave me confidence and comfort that I was in the right place.  My favorite part of the tour was instantly the Great Reading Room. Many people think it looks like a scene out of the Harry Potter movies.  In my opnion  it is the best study spot on campus.  The best thing about the library is the amount of history it holds. Several generations of students have used the Bizzell Memorial Library. Several generations of students just like me that have graduated on to do some pretty amazing things.

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  1. I completely agree with this post. This building was the first outstanding building a saw that captured my eye. I study here almost every single day and there are many different locations to be able to study, including the great reading room, which is by the far the most beautiful room in the building. It really represents the library.

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