Aldo Rossi – Teatro Del Mondo

One of Aldo Rossi’s finest works is that of the Teatro Del Mondo, a floating stage in Venice used in 1979 and 1980. The building itself was made of a steel-tubed supporting structure with outside panels made of wood. The entire structure resembled a tower. It is interesting to note that the corners of the building are quite angular and lack smoothing. Whether that was for the sake of aestethics or simplicity is anyone’s guess. At any rate, the floating stage was anchored in front of the famous San Marco Piazza, where it was able to perform its duties as floating stage.

I find this to be absolutely amazing because although it was mounted on a barge (and thus was reasonably stable), it basically is a floating building – quite like the rest of Venice, minus the foundations. The building still accomodated 250 seated guests.

As the story goes, the building was then slowly brought across the Adriatic Sea via tugboat to Dubrovnik, Croatia, where it was dismantled. However, a replica was built in 2004 in Genoa – despite a lack of architectural blueprints.

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