Aldo Rossi – Monte Amiata Housing

A project that started in 1967 and was finished in 1974, the Monte Amiata is a group of four inter-connected residential buildings in the Gallatarese quarter of Milan, in Italy. The complex is also sometimes referred to as the Gallatarese (II) Housing. The main reason for its creation was to accomodate increasing population in the Milanese area. The studio Aldo Rossi was working in was commissioned for the task.

The complex is comprised of five structures which are organized around a common area – a plaza and an amphiteather. There are two 8-story blocks, a long three-story block, a much shorter three-story block, all connected by a fifth structure. The facade on the inner side (that facing the plaza and amphitheater) is as illustrated below, emphasizing a highly angular and  blocky structure.

Another portion of the complex, the long three-story building, presents an interesting concept. The building seems to be sitting on a pier-like structure – a lengty colonnade. It creates a neat open space and allows air to go through.

I find the whole setup to be akin to that of the South Oval here – buildings centered around a common area where people spend some of their leisure time to relax. It is an efficient way to promote social interaction between residents. As for the actual architecture of the buildings themselves, it likely is more of an acquired taste.

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