Architecture for Non Majors

Altare_della_Patria_Canon 5

The Wedding Cake

The place a man proposes to his future wife, takes lots of thought and can cause a bunch of stress. My husband and I were in Rome over three years ago, when he had...

bok-center-day 2

BOK Center

I’m from Tulsa, so it only seems right to do my first post about a building that’s located in my hometown.  The BOK Center is the huge event center located in the heart of...

colosseum 3

Nicholas Hammons

Architecture 3013 I have always been fascinated by the Roman Colosseum and how the Romans were able to build such a well thought out massive structure, with what little technology and equipment they had....

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Hello world!

Here I am looking up the Burj Kahlifa. This is a big deal!  A blog on the OU system that will tell my story !  Can’t wait to keep going.  It will be like...

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