Architecture for Non Majors

Gilcrease Muesem 0

Gilcrease Museum

Gilcrease Museum is a museum located northwest of downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. The museum houses the world’s largest, most comprehensive collection of art of the American West, as well as a growing collection of art...

Sequoyah's Cabin 0

Sequoyah’s Cabin

Sequoyah’s Cabin was the home of the Cherokee Indian Sequoyah from 1829-1844. Sequoyah built this one-room log cabin in 1829 shortly after moving to Oklahoma. The cabin became the property of the Oklahoma Historical...

BOK Center 1

BOK Center

I am from Broken Arrow which is a suburb outside of Tulsa, where the wonderful BOK Center is located. The 19,199 seat structure is right in the heart of historic downtown Tulsa. It was...

Arcadia Round Barn 2

Arcadia Round Barn

This is the Arcadia Round Barn located along Route 66 in Arcadia, Oklahoma. This is a great example of how interesting architecture can happen anywhere in the world, not just big cities. It was...

Sarkeys Energy Center 2

Sarkeys Energy Center

Most of us here at OU are familiar with this building, Sarkeys Energy Center. Its sort of a landmark  on campus, and it is the building where I have spent the most time here...

Castle 4

Neuschwanstein castle

I always enjoyed the Disney movie Cinderella when I was a child. While living in Europe I found out there was a castle near me that Disney used to design Cinderella’s castle at disney...

pic 0

St. Vitus Cathedral

This is St. Vitus cathedral which is located in Prague. Some of my family have Czech roots and I’m very happy I had the opportunity to travel to Prague. We climbed lots of steps... 1

Devon Energy Center

Oklahoma City’s Devon tower, pictured above has influenced the Oklahoma City area and myself in a positive way. This building was completed in 2012 after 3 years of construction. It is a 50 story...

grand zayed 0

Grand Zayed Mosque

Pictured above, the Grand Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabia, UAE, is a building that has positively influenced me. The top picture is one that I took myself, because I was so awestruck by the...

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