Architecture for Non Majors

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Grand Central Terminal

The Grand Central Terminal in NYC is beautiful place to see, not only is it pretty, it’s functional. It sees thousands a day go through and still manages to keep its beauty. It has...

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Deven Internation Airport

This is a airport that has a post modern style. What is interineting about this airport is that it is said to have hidden messages about the new world order hidden in plain sight....

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MGM Grand

This is one of my favorite building to look at and it’s even better on the inside. This building is a pretty amazing focal point of modern architecture in Las Vegas. The MGM is...

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Ford Center

The Ford center is a building I am very familiar with, Ive gotten to watch many NBA and College Basketball games there. Ive experienced the Ford Center from many angles and elevations and there...

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Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is one of the coolest buildings that I have ever been in. The view from the top overlooking NYC is breath taking. one thing I remember about it was how...

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The Bizzell Memorial Library

The Bizz on campus is one of my favorite and least favorite buildings. I love the way the building looks in terms of the the architecture, but im not a fan of being in...

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Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Perot Museum of Nature and Science is one if my favorite buildings in Dallas, Texas. The side of the building with glass casing escalator caught my eye. The only thing I wish this building...

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Abandoned Phoenix Trotting Park

If anyone has ever driven wast on I-10 leaving Phoenix Arizona you will notice a huge structure just out all by itself. It automatically gets your attention with such an abstract styling and evident...

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Thom Mayne -Morphosis: 41 Cooper Square

          41 Cooper Square, designed by architect Thom Mayne of Morphosis, new institution facility located in New York City. It was dedicated to Peter Cooper’s iconic vision of education. the...

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