Architecture for Non Majors

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The Broadmoor

     The Broadmoor has been one of my favorite places to visit for family gatherings and vacations. The Broadmoor is a hotel that is situated roughly twenty-two miles away from the base of Pikes...

Mirrors in the center of the dome that send light into the parliament meeting. 1

Reichstag- Berlin, Germany

One building that really impressed me was the Reichstag in Germany. I went to Germany for a study abroad class. While we were there, we looked at all sorts of different architecture. The Reichstag...

Hagia Sophia 1

Hagia Sophia

The Hagia Sophia is located in Istanbul, Turkey and was originally a cathedral. It was later converted into a mosque then became secularized into a museum. I have never been there to see the...

Dale Hall 2

Blog #1 – Dale Hall

I chose to write about Dale Hall because it is a very historic building on campus built in 1967 named after Edward Everett Dale. The building is located near the corner of Lindsey and...

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Grand Central Terminal

The Grand Central Terminal in NYC is beautiful place to see, not only is it pretty, it’s functional. It sees thousands a day go through and still manages to keep its beauty. It has...

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Deven Internation Airport

This is a airport that has a post modern style. What is interineting about this airport is that it is said to have hidden messages about the new world order hidden in plain sight....

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MGM Grand

This is one of my favorite building to look at and it’s even better on the inside. This building is a pretty amazing focal point of modern architecture in Las Vegas. The MGM is...

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Ford Center

The Ford center is a building I am very familiar with, Ive gotten to watch many NBA and College Basketball games there. Ive experienced the Ford Center from many angles and elevations and there...

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