Architecture for Non Majors

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Palace of Assembly

This is the Place of Assembly that is located in Chandigarn, India. Le Corbusier was the master behind this really cool building. It is a legislative assembly that was built. The commissioner of India...

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Pamplanta Mexico

This is one the temples located in Pamplanta Mexico. I was 8 years old when I first saw a temple from a decedent mayan culture. This temple is located in a small valley hidden...

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Oaktree Elementary

Oaktree Elementary is my hometown’s school for preschool and third through fifth grade. ┬áMy dad teaches here, so I would spend an hour or two in his classroom after school every day until I...

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The Biz

Of course we all know the Biz… This building has to by far be my favorite building I’ve yet to have encounter. The design on it is absolutely breathtaking. Every time I walk down...

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Goddard Health Services

When I was young I was a huge sports girl and basketball was my first love. When my sophomore year of high school came along I had realized I had muscular hernia in my...

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Ellison Hall

Ellison Hall was the first OU building I had stepped foot in a year ago. Being a transfer student from a small community college I was terrified to be going at such a big...

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