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Robert Venturi Blog 5 0

Robert Venturi Blog 5

Built on the last open space on Trafalgar Square in London, England, the Sainsbury Wing houses one of the world’s greatest and most visited collections of early Italian and Northern Renaissance paintings. This project...

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Robert Venturi Blog 4

The photo above shows us the facade of the Vanna Venturi House, one of the first prominent works of the postmodern architecture movement. This house designed by Robert Venturi, finished construction in 1964, was...

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Robert Venturi Blog 3

Another famous work designed by Robert Venturi would be his work in Northwest Washington, D.C. called the Freedom Plaza. The plaza was constructed in 1980. Constructed mainly with stone inlaid with a partial depiction...

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Robert Venturi Blog 2

Located in Philadelphia, the Guild House was Robert Venturi’s first major work. Construction on this 6 story building started in 1960 and was later completed in 1963. The main use for this building was...

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The Pantheon

As a child, I was fascinated with Roman mythology. I used to have pictures of the Pantheon all over my room. This is at the top of my bucket list of places to visit....

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Robert Venturi Blog 1

Robert Venturi was born June 25, 1925 in Philadelphia, PA and went to Princeton University where he studied architecture. He is the founding principal of the firm Venture, Scott Brown and Associates, and one...

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The Empire State Building

I recently visited the Empire State Building over spring break along with the other places I visited in NYC. It was breath taking. The view from the top of the building was insane. We...

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The White House

I have always been super fascinated by the White House ever since I was little so I felt it was only fitting to do a blog post about it. The White House is a...

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