Architecture for Non Majors

Canadian Parliament, Ottawa, Canada 0

Canadian Parliament, Ottawa, Canada

The Canadian Parliament, in the beautiful city of Ottawa, Ontario, is a neo-gothic style building completed in 1868. Fun fact: the choice of neo-gothic style which includes British architectural elements (notable in the parliamentary...

Grandma's 1

My Grandma’s House

My grandma’s house has always been like my second home and is a special place in my life. It has made a lasting impact on me from the memories and people it brought to...

augustusplatz-paulinum 0

4 — The Augusteum and I

This building has been highly important to me as the representation of why I spent my first year in Germany, as it is synonymous with Leipzig University itself. Despite never having a class in...

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3 — Today’s Augusteum

The new building was constructed from 2007 to 2012 after an initiative by the citizens of Leipzig to replaced the old socialist building with one more attentive to the historical building destroyed in the...

Rick Joy – Ventana Canyon House 1

Rick Joy – Ventana Canyon House

A two story vacation villa with 8380 square feet, this house was designed with the view in mind. It is located in the Catalina Mountains overlooking Tucson Arizona. The panoramic views you get with this...

Augusteum_01 0

2 — History of the Augusteum

The original Augusteum was the main building of Leipzig University. Built in the nineteenth century in a Neo-gothic style, it faced the same square it faces today and had next to it the Paulinum,...

D3_1 0

Hillside House

3Deluxe is currently working on a project to design a luxury house on the outskirts of Frankfurt. This house features their signature use of glass and drastic shapes in a modern design. The house...

campus_paulinum 0

1 — Leipzig’s Augusteum

The Neues Augusteum of Leipzig University is located on Augustusplatz in the heart of Leipzig, the largest city in the German federal state of Saxony. It is a replacement for the GDR’s version of...

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