Architecture for Non Majors

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Micheal Reynolds- Phoenix Earthship

One of the earthship creations Michael Reynolds helps the society with is the Phoenix Earthship. The cost is $1,500,000 with two beautiful acres. In the Greater World Community, Michael Reynolds puts on the completing...

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Michael Reynolds- Pit House

Now, Michael Reynolds is in the process of building a one-big-room-and-bath called the “Pit House”. He wants to provide his wife her own private place. The 14-by-28-foot rectangle is dug six feet into the...

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Louis Kahn- Jatiyo Sangsad Bhaban

┬áThis is one of the more unique buildings of his (or anyone) that I’ve come across and it’s called Jatiyo Sangsad Bhaban, and it serves as National Parliament House of Bangladesh. The geometric shapes...

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Michael Reynolds-Rental Project

Michael Reynold’s created the second project Phase II. This earth sheltered house was designed as as multi-unit building. It incorporates a more extensive passive solar system than Phase I. This greenhouse is larger and...

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Michael Reynolds- Passive Solar

Michael Reynold’s also helped with the making of the passive solar, earth sheltered house. He calls it Phase I. Features an integral greenhouse on the south side. Contains communal living area, kitchen, and bathroom,...

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