Architecture for Non Majors

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Louis Kahn- Jatiyo Sangsad Bhaban

┬áThis is one of the more unique buildings of his (or anyone) that I’ve come across and it’s called Jatiyo Sangsad Bhaban, and it serves as National Parliament House of Bangladesh. The geometric shapes...

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Michael Reynolds-Rental Project

Michael Reynold’s created the second project Phase II. This earth sheltered house was designed as as multi-unit building. It incorporates a more extensive passive solar system than Phase I. This greenhouse is larger and...

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Michael Reynolds- Passive Solar

Michael Reynold’s also helped with the making of the passive solar, earth sheltered house. He calls it Phase I. Features an integral greenhouse on the south side. Contains communal living area, kitchen, and bathroom,...

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Louis Kahn- Salk Institute

The Salk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego may be the most recognizable piece from Kahn, not only because of the visual aspect of the building but because of the science that goes...

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Sheikh Zayed Bridge

The Sheikh Zayed Bridge is located in the United Arab Emirates. It is named after the country’s former president who was also an architect for the country. It is an incredible 842 meters long...

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Luis Kahn- Kimbell Art Studio

┬áLouis Kahn was an American architect born in Russia but grew up in Philadelphia. Louis Kahn’s works are considered as monumental beyond modernism. Famous for his meticulously built works, his provocative proposals that remained...

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Michael Reynolds- Volkshome

This drawing is an example one of Michael Reynold’s creations. This was a small earth shelter that the FmHA approved and was 75% an earth-shelter. He named this “Volkshome” after the Volkswagen “bug”. They...

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