Architecture for Non Majors

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The Big Ben – London, UK

The first time I have seen the Big Ben was two years ago, during my study abroad in London. It was surreal and felt like a dream at that time. I never thought I...

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Sarkeys Energy Center

I thought I would never have a class in Sarkey’s Energy Center. That was until I had a geography class in there. The outside is nice and has some of the best landscaping on...

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Palace of Versailles

This is my dream vacation, The Palace of Versailles.  In my opinion, this is one of the most grand, outstanding, amazing pieces of architectures to grace this beautiful World we all love and know....

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CMA CGM Headquarters

This tower is the headquarters for a shipping firm called CMA CGM (Compagnie Générale Maritime) located in Marsielle, France. Zaha Hadid completed this 142.8 meter tall tower in September of 2011. Architects who designed...

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Reunion Tower

Okay, I have finally ventured out of Tulsa guys.  Not too far though.  I wanted to talk about my other favorite city, Dallas.  Most of you from Texas probably already know what this is,...

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Guthrie Green

Yet, another great Tulsa adventure brought to you by Audie Hamon! I know most of my post have been about Tulsa, but there is just something about my hometown that makes me want to...

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Kanchenjunga Apartments

The Kanchenjunga Apartments are located in Mumbai, India. The architect behind the apartments is Charles Correa. The building consists of 32 luxury apartments. The high rise units are able to be shielded from the...

Headington Hall – Norman 0

Headington Hall – Norman

   The Bizzell Memorial Library is truly inspiring architecture displaying interesting Cherokee Gothic style, but what really amazed me initially and what continues to draw me to this building is how the internal aspects...

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