Architecture for Non Majors

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C.T. Bauer College of Business

4. The Bauer College of Business is the business school at the University of Houston. This building is positive impact because it represents where I will be spending the next chapter in my life....

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Allen Fieldhouse

3. Allen Fieldhouse located in Lawrence, Ks is another place that had a large impact on my life. With my dad’s connections as a college recruiter to the basketball program at KU, I was...

Rem Koolhaas – the Interlace 2

Rem Koolhaas – the Interlace

This is my favorite project of Koolhaas’s so far. Koolhaas’s firm collaborated with Buro Ole Scheeren to design a vertical village called the Interlace in Singapore and they managed to win World Building of...

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Rem Koolhaas – De Rotterham

Soon I’m going to have to use expletives to get across exactly how I feel about this man’s work. At first glance it just seemed like when Koolhaas designed De Rotterham he threw rectangles...

Catlett School of Music 0

Catlett School of Music

This is by far my favorite building at OU. Unfortunately, I have not had the chance to have a class in there but I remember making sure I would go to my friend’s concert...

The midday sun casts geometric shadows on the planes of Walker Tower Monday. Bennett Hall/The Daily 0

The Dorms

People have mixed reactions to the dorms, some people love them because they have literally been waiting for this moment for the past year – at least – and others are really underwhelmed by...


Rem Koolhaas – Seattle Central Library

  Having just seen the the Chinese Central Television headquarters, looking at the Seattle central library you can definitely see Koolhaas’s style all over the building. Sharp angles and buildings looking like they’re in...

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