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    Provided that you have highly regarded the initial insurance policy on aerostats (lucky kinds), then its the nobility’s mistake for the rules and areas of expertise, regardless of whether it’s your thought or it is improper to find the proper policy, it is not a good idea.

    First for everything, you need to change the flight for a visit to the whole site and the right way to go and get it up.

    Remember, the temperature on a lawn as well as in the atmosphere is the same. When you go to a height of 2,000 meters, the thermometer can show the minus temperature at all, but if you turn it on the ground, it will get hot. Explain to him about cozy speech.

    The potency of the thermal aerostat is defined away from for heating system with gasoline burners. To that, if you will choose clothes for the sake of benefit, choose from materials that do not burn or melt. Imovirnist of the, as a flame, with a ranking, will probably be administered on your odyag, almost high-priced "", or higher superbly being risk-free.

    Your clothes are not guilty of mothers who are not guilty, because they are not responsible, so that you don’t have to stick with them for the elements of the construction of the aerostat.

    It can be imprudent to give some mittens along. The stench will take you through the cold, and in them you will be more comfortable trimming for the element of the aerostat before the hour of landing and heat.

    In planning the aerostat, it is actually most beautiful to remain a secure place, as well as to keep the group, to find out it in the area. Yaksho we arrived prior to the begin in a vehicle, it really is required to recreation area it at most 15 m from your cordon of the beginning maidan.

    You can only technique the aerostat and enter the feline on the control of your pilot. Well before getting on, it was not out of the question to check out the initial in the presence of new privileges to regulate the aerostat, as well as the papers on its own permitting him to move travellers and make sure the practical parameters in the aerostat. In case of this sort of files, it can be a lot more beautiful than risikuvati.

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