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Lake | Flato: Projects pt.1

As I explained in the first part of my Lake | Flato blog.  The two men-David Lake and Ted Flato- who founded this company, started out with houses.  Even though they are onto bigger...

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Lake | Flato: History

Lake | Flato is an architect firm that was started in 1984 by two men, Ted Flato and David Lake.  The company’s main goal is to create architecture that is not only aesthetically pleasing,...

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Adler Planetarium – Chicago

I went to the Adler Planetarium in Chicago during one of my spring breaks. This museum was dedicated to astronomy. The Historic Atwood Sphere made it possible to look at the brightest stars at...

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Louis Kahn- Esherick House

 The final example of Louis Kahn’s work I have is known as the Esherick House located in Philadelphia. Kahn’s integration of geometry, light and materiality are clearly expressed in the Esherick house, complimenting the warm,...

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Palace of Versailles, France

During my study abroad to London, we took a train to Paris and stayed for three days. One of those days, we took a trip down to the Palace of Versailles. The golden gates...

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The Big Ben – London, UK

The first time I have seen the Big Ben was two years ago, during my study abroad in London. It was surreal and felt like a dream at that time. I never thought I...

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Sarkeys Energy Center

I thought I would never have a class in Sarkey’s Energy Center. That was until I had a geography class in there. The outside is nice and has some of the best landscaping on...

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Palace of Versailles

This is my dream vacation, The Palace of Versailles.  In my opinion, this is one of the most grand, outstanding, amazing pieces of architectures to grace this beautiful World we all love and know....

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