Author: Stephanie Thai

House 1

My First House

This is the house I grew up in. I lived here from when I was born until the end of my 8th grade year before I moved to Oklahoma. It was difficult for me...

JT 0

Jim Thorpe Multicultural Center

I have had a lot of good experiences in Jim Thorpe because of all the student activities and meetings held here. I also had a friend that worked in the building, so that would always...

Walker 3

Walker Tower

My first experience with Walker Tower was during Camp Crimson of Summer 2014. I thought the rooms were nicer than the room my older brother had when he lived in Cate, and I was...

Bizzell 1

Bizzell Memorial Library

I don’t spend a lot of time in the library because I usually study elsewhere, but I really love the architecture of the building. The first time I visited OU was on a tour,...

Union 2

Oklahoma Memorial Union

I go to the Union a lot to study and hang out because many of my friends from an organization that I’m involved in also hang out there. I like that there are a...

Auditorium 0

Auditorio de Tenerife

Santiago Calatreva designed his first performing arts facility in the Canary Islands, Spain. This building is famous for its giant arc, as it is the only large arch supported by only two points of...

Planetarium 0

City of Arts and Sciences

Santiago Calatreva, along with Felix Candela, designed the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Spain, which is actually Calatreva’s hometown. The Hemesferic is also known as the planetarium or “eye of knowledge” as...

Constitution Bridge 0

Constitution Bridge

The Constitution Bridge in Venice, Italy was designed by Santiago Calatreva and installed in 2008. The bridge is an arched truss bridge, which means that the load-bearing support system consists of connected elements that...

Zubizuri 0


Santiago Calatreva was chosen to design the Zubizuri in Bilbao, Spain. It is a footbridge consisting of a curved glass walkway suspended by steel cables. Although beautiful, Calatreva has undergone much criticism for this...

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