Author: Sarah Geis

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Giovannitti House

The Giovannitti House was designed by Richard Meier and is located in Pitsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is a 2200 square foot house meant for two people. The house consists of a double square, with one...

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International Center for Possibility Thinking

Richard Meier also designed the International Center for Possibility Thinking, which is located in Garden Grove, California. The center is partially cylindrical and is four stories tall. It serves as a gathering place for...

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The Atheneum

The Atheneum is another structure designed by Richard Meier. It is located in New Harmony, Indiana and begins the tour for the historical town. The building is intended to serve as a visitor center....

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The Getty Center

Richard Meier also designed The Getty Center, which is a 110-acre site located just south of the Santa Monica Mountains in California. The center is atop a hill overlooking Los Angeles. The center consists...

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Douglas House

The Douglas House is another unique architectural structure designed by Richard Meier. It is located in an isolated site that slopes down to Lake Michigan. The house is a lone man-made structure amidst nature....

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Jubilee Church

Jubilee Church is just one of many buildings designed by architect Richard Meier. it is an extremely unique-looking building. It is located right outside of Rome, Italy. The structure is divided in three parts....

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La Cantera Resort

The La Cantera is a resort located in San Antonio, Texas. It is a beautiful resort located on a golf course in the hill country. The entire resort is made of stone and has...

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Rockefeller Center

The Rockefeller Center is one of the most famous buildings located in New York City. For the longest time my dream was to go to New York City. I finally got to go with...

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Reliant Stadium

The Reliant Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium located in Houston, Texas. This building has had an impact on my life because I grew up going to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo there every...

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Second Baptist Church

Second Baptist Church is located in Houston, Texas. This building was both my church as well as my school for my entire life. Therefore, this specific building holds a very special place because I...

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