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Lake | Flato: Projectos pt. 5

Lake | Flato is even international! Though they are based out of San Antonio, Texas, they reach outside their boarders to help build amazing things for our neighbors over seas.  Some of these buildings...

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Lake | Flato: Projects pt. 4

Lake | Flato focuses also focuses on Urban Design.  Like in my original Lake | Flato blog, they really try and focus on their buildings being environmentally friendly.  The Urban Designs that they build...


Peter Zumthor

The Saint Benedict Chapel, located in the village of Sumvitg, Graubunden, was designed by the Pritzker Prize Laureate Peter Zumthor in 1988. The modest, human-scaled exterior of the chapel encapsulates the beauty and simplicity...


Peter Zumthor

One of the first big projects for the 2009 Pritzker Prize-winning architect Peter Zumthor was this protective pavilion built to cover the remains of two Roman buildings. Built in 1985-86 and located in the...

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Philip Johnson’s PPG Place

6. The last work from Philip Johnson I chose to highlight is the PPG Place. It is located in Pittsburgh, PA and is said to be one of the jewels of Pittsburgh’s skyline. This...

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Palace of Assembly

This is the Place of Assembly that is located in Chandigarn, India. Le Corbusier was the master behind this really cool building. It is a legislative assembly that was built. The commissioner of India...

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Pamplanta Mexico

This is one the temples located in Pamplanta Mexico. I was 8 years old when I first saw a temple from a decedent mayan culture. This temple is located in a small valley hidden...

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Oaktree Elementary

Oaktree Elementary is my hometown’s school for preschool and third through fifth grade.  My dad teaches here, so I would spend an hour or two in his classroom after school every day until I...

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