Monthly Archive: May 2016

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Gateway Arch

We pass by the Gateway Arch every time my family drives me to Oklahoma from our home in Michigan.  Just as it was symbolically a gateway to the west, the arch marks my journey...

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Joe Louis Arena

Joe Louis Arena is where the Detroit Red Wings play hockey.  Some of my favorite memories are of going to hockey games with my grandpa here.  That makes it sound like he has passed...

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Moor House – Norman Foster

This building has a sleek curve to it. The Moor House is in London united kingdom. The building is very large, on elf the largest in the financial district of London. It is 19...

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La Tourette Monastery

This is La Tourette Monstery located in Lyon, France. This is another great example of how Le Corbusier designed his buildings to be all concrete. I love how he incorporated more of a geometric...

30_St_Mary_Axe_from_Leadenhall_Street 0

30 St Mary Axe- Norman Forster

This building is Awesome! It is located in London, United Kingdom. it is commonly referred to as the Gherkin. it is 591 ft tall and has 41 stories. The Gherkin construction was started in...

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This is a Cathedral located in Firminy, France. This is another cathedral of Le Corbusier designed that I find interesting because it doesn’t appear to me as a typical cathedral. In some ways it...

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Beaumont Hospital

Beaumont Hospital in Troy, Michigan, was where my parents would take us whenever we were sick.  The hospital itself was not any worse than other hospitals, but all of the negative memories I have...

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Modern Villa

This is a house the Le Corbusier design for a wealthy family in the 1929. I think it’s a cute modern house. The roof is flat therefor there’s a chance to have a green...

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