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I.M. Pei And Oklahoma City

Although I.M. Pei did not make any structures in Oklahoma I found it fascinating and important to tell the influence he had in our very own Oklahoma City, even though many find it controversial....

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Bank of China Tower

One of the most recognizable towers in the Hong Kong skyline the Bank of China Tower was great international accomplishment for I.M. Pei. He himself is a Chinese american so being able to make...

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screenWindowWidth (float): 1.000000

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Douglas House

The Douglas House is another unique architectural structure designed by Richard Meier. It is located in an isolated site that slopes down to Lake Michigan. The house is a lone man-made structure amidst nature....

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Jubilee Church

Jubilee Church is just one of many buildings designed by architect Richard Meier. it is an extremely unique-looking building. It is located right outside of Rome, Italy. The structure is divided in three parts....

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Chicken Coop Gothic – O’Neil Ford

O’Neil Ford designed this house for his sister Authella and her husband Roland Hersh in 1939. It was built on U.N.T. Campus. Originally named the Hersh house, it was labeled “Chicken Coop Gothic” by...

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La Cantera Resort

The La Cantera is a resort located in San Antonio, Texas. It is a beautiful resort located on a golf course in the hill country. The entire resort is made of stone and has...

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Crystal Pyramid Louvre Museum

The Crystal Pyramid is one of Pei’s greatest achievements, it is in fact right in the middle of the courtyard at the Louvre Palace! That alone is a great achievement but it will be...

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Glen Eyrie

Glen Eyrie is a castle nestled in the mountains of Colorado Springs. I came here two years ago during Spring Break for a retreat and it’s been in my heart ever since. It was...

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