Monthly Archive: May 2016

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This is the Aalto-Hochhaus building located in Bremen, Germany. It reaches a height of 197 feet and functions as a 22-story apartment building. It was built in 1962 and today it is protected by...

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Villa Mairea – Alvar Aalto

The Villa Mairea is an estate that includes a large house and a guest house. It was designed by famous architect Alvar Aalto and built in 1939. It was a unique project for Alvar...

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Finlandia Hall – Alvar Aalto

The Finlandia Hall is located in the center of Helsinki, Finland. The water shown is the  Töölönlahti bay. The Finlandia Hall is a concert hall and event center that was designed by Alvar Aalto and was...

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Vyborg Library – Alvar Aalto

The Vyborg Library is located in Vyborg, Russia. It was designed by famous architect Alvar Aalto and built in 1935. However, when it was built, Vyborg was considered territory of Finland. My favorite feature...

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Paimio Sanatorium

This is the Paimio Sanatorium which is located in Paimio, Finland. It was designed by Alvar Aalto and his wife and was completed in 1932.  It served as a sanatorium for tuberculosis until the...

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OU Memorial Union

Many nights were spent here, whether it was eating at Crossroads with friends or pulling all-nighters typing up essays on the second floor.  The Union has it all in terms of the college experience....

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Willis Building – Norman Foster

The Willis Building is located London, UK. it was completed in 2008. This building has 26 stories and is 410 ft tall. It was almost a stair like step design to resemble a crustacean....

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Adams Tower

The building itself is nothing special, but I have good memories of Adams.  I lived in Muldrow Tower for my freshman year, on the same floor as all of my current housemates.  All sorts of...

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