Monthly Archive: April 2016

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Second Baptist Church

Second Baptist Church is located in Houston, Texas. This building was both my church as well as my school for my entire life. Therefore, this specific building holds a very special place because I...

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Pop’s is restaurant and a gas station that is located in Arcadia, Oklahoma city, designed by Elliott and Associates Architects. Its theme of a soda pop was designed to portray freedom on the road...

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First Presbyterian Church

Recently I attended a winter concert at this church in Oklahoma City. It’s the First Presbyterian Church and is one of the most grandiose old style buildings in the city. The old style of...

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Headquarters for Kaffee Partner

My architect is 3Deluxe. They are a German group who has had a hand in quite a few interesting projects. This building, the headquarters for a German coffee company is one such example. The...


Thomas K. McKeon Center for Creativity

Thomas K. McKeon Center for creativity is part of Tulsa Community College Metro Campus, located in downtown Tulsa and created by Wallace Engineering.  The center for creativity has a lot of art programs, such...

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