Monthly Archive: April 2016

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Buerger center Cesar Pelli

Here is another fun building by Cesar Pelli. This is one of his newer pieces that was opened in 2015 and is for advanced pediatric care. I love that he designed this fun looking...

Bok center pic 1

Bok center

I’m not from Oklahoma, but I saw that my architect had a building in Tulsa and felt I should post about it. This arena has a swirling shape and stands out in Tulsa. I...

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Coophimmelblau: BMW Welt

This $200 million structure was completed in 2007 and added to the BMW Tower located in Munich, Germany. This building is very modern, that wows the visitors, as much as the new cars BMW...

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Coophimmelblau: Martin Luther Church

This church was completed in 2011 in Hainburg, Austria. This building has a unique design future, where the roof is like a table, resting on four steel beams near each corner. Another unique design...

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St. Johns’s Church

St. John’s Church is an Episcopal church designed by Benjamin Latrobe located in Washington D.C. An interesting fact about this church is that every sitting president since James madison has attended the church at...

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Coophimmelblau: Busan Cinema Center

This 150 million dollar cinema center is located in Busan, South Korea and has several cinemas inside the center, and even has a 4,000 seat outdoor cinema. The concept of this project was to...

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Cesar Pelli National Museum of Art

I really love how Cesar Pelli’s architecture isn’t like the ordinary. This makes it very interesting to look at as I research him. This museum stood out to me especially the pictures of it...

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Coophimmelblau: Silk Leaf Stadium

This stadium, the Silk Leaf Stadium, is located in Tokyo, Japan and has a futuristic look, while integrating some tradition and heritage from the early Japanese people. The roof does not completely cover the...

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