Monthly Archive: April 2016

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Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art

If you ever have time to kill, I would recommend visiting our very own art museum on campus.  Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art was founded in 1936 by art professor Oscar Jacobson.  The...

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Eero’s Christ Church in Minnesota

This church was designed by the father and son duo of Eliel and Eero Saarinen.  Originally the congregation pushed for a Gothic Revival design style but due to budget problems they decided to trust...

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Des Moines Art Center

  The Des Moines Art Center is just another one of the many structures designed by Eero Saarinen.  This building opened in 1948 and is an art museum with housing many paintings, sculptures, and...

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Crow Island School

This building is a truly unique school located in Winnetka, Illinois.  Crow Island School was designed through collaboration of architects Lawrence Perkins, Todd Wheeler, Eero Saarinen, and his father Eliel Saarinen.   These designers worked...

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The Swedish Theatre

  The Swedish Theatre is located in Helsinki, Finland and was renovated in 1935 by Eero Saarinen and fellow architect Jarl Eklund.  The building took on many redesigns to accommodate more people and even...

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Eero and His Arch

Eero Saarinen was born in 1910 in Finland.  He is the son of Finnish architect Eliel Saarinen and from a young age he was destined to surpass his father’s success.  His family emigrated to...

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Sarkeys Energy Center

We all have had at least one class located at Sarkeys.  Sarkeys Energy Center is the super tall building located on the north east corner of campus.  Sarkeys is the tallest building on campus...

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Altus High School

During my freshman year of high school a multi million dollar redesign was started in order to upgrade Altus’ only high school.  The redesign updated all of the classrooms and made the entire school...

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Linda Wiginton Swimming Complex

One day while my sister was at swimming practice she had a horrible accident.  Her heart stopped in the middle of practice and she sank to the deep end of the pool.  Ms. Wiginton,...

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